Fetching username and password from excel

In my application under test there are only two users and I want these two user name and password from excel. How to write the script?
Another requirement.
There multiple processes in my application after login. How to call login script in other scripts to avoid repetition of the login script in every test script.
Note: I am using eclipse red editor plugin_Python-Selenium.
Thanks !

There is this excellib that can access excel files.

Have you tried working with it?

And why do you want to work with excel for only two users?
Maybe a variable file would easier.

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I prefer Variable file for username and password instead of fetching with excel file if you only use a single credential to your script.

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Thanks !
How to create that in eclipse?
Currently I am writing in variable section of test script file itself.



Here you can read about variable files.
You can also search for Yaml


and as general advice, you shouldn’t concentrate too much on the IDE like Eclipse, because it is just an editor.
The user guide is a very great documentation where you can find a lot of answers.

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Thanks !
I checked the information.
I always found that the information is given about RED editor and and I need to check and try for different options in eclipse hence I always mentioned it.
Well thanks again!