Fast switching normal vs incognito modus

For the new version of Browser library
Can you please make it far more easier to use the non-incognito modus?

Open Browser modus=non-incognito

as well as

New Browser modus=non-incognito

or something like this:


it’s too often in automation that I need to switch between incognito and ‘normal modus’.

now it’s all difficult and even applying the BrowserType | Playwright Python
does not work at all.

looks like a bug!
@HelioGuilherme66 can you take a look at it for me please?

Why not just start new context? From documentation:

A context corresponds to set of independent incognito pages in a browser that share cookies, sessions or profile settings. Pages in two separate contexts do not share cookies, sessions or profile settings.

Hello @valentijnpeters
I know I am frequently around always ready to help, but in this case, I am not an user of Browser library.
Good luck :slight_smile:

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so for people comming across this staying in Incognito modus when you don’t want that in the script test driving so to speak. (then you know what I’m talking about)

very long story short, The solution was:

use latest SeleniumLibrary
use Microsoft Edge, with MSEdgedriver. Problem solved.

(and then I don’t need the fast switching option anymore)