Facing issue while import Process library


Today I faced an issue while importing process library. When I do this.
Library Process
It was importing different process class instead of importing the built in process library and gave me the error.

And When I used process.py instead of just process. It was importing the correct library but gave me the error the start process keyword not found.
Did anyone else face this issue and able to resolve it? If yes please do let me know. I am attaching the screenshots.


first issue that shows in your IDE - thats IDE issue - importing should work just fine when running robot itself.

Error “no such file or directory” is also valid, you are trying to execute a binary called “adb devices” and it should be just “adb” and argument is “devices”, so add few spaces between adb and devices …

Thanks for the response, Yes you are correct I need to give the space.
And the IDE library issue I have resolved it by importing like this robot.libraries.process