Execution failing for Login test


My login test was working previously, but recently started failing and the results screenshot displays following message: “Verifying you are human. This may take a few seconds.” My guess is landing page load needs longer wait time; where do I set this if this is true. Else, any other suggestions?


From what you describe, it seems the page or application you’re testing has been enhanced with new verifications to ensure you’re not a robot :sweat_smile:

Something like recaptcha that evaluate a score in background, to enhance safety.
You can wait indeed for the message to not be visible/not contained in the page, but depending on the settings linked and set for this (double authentication, verification test with clicks requests based on score), this might not be sufficient and test might randomly fail.

My point would be to discuss with dev team to better understand the implementation, see if they can provide test environnement/page that would allow automation (test version of the captcha, where you don’t need to workaround the security test).




That message typically is coming from Cloudflare - which in some cases is just a proxy between the browser and “real” website to prevent stuff like scraping or ddos attacks or provide caching/scaling. Like @CharlieScene said, I’d talk with your dev team what are your options to bypass the cloudflare bot detection.

In some cases, i’d run the tests against the actual webserver that cloudflare uses but again, you need to get the details off from your dev team.

thanks for your response @CharlieScene @rasjani. Recaptcha could be originating from a third party tool that we don’t have direct control of, but I’m now trying to reach their dev team to help resolve my issue.

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