Error in VsCode with dataDriver

Hi all :wink:
This code works fine and executes all the test cases in the Excel file, but one line is highlighted in red (I don’t get this error with 2 arguments)>
Thank you for your help :wink:

Hi Nordine,

I think, we need to provide a third dummy parameter for error message additional to Default and UserData. If I remember correctly, this is basically an exercise to trick the static parser in to accepting the code. During runtime DataDriver takes care of creating the test cases correctly.

If a third parameter does not work, maybe you can name the plugin for Robot Framework that you use in VSCode. It looks like Robotcode (good choice :wink: ), but just to be sure.


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Hi Markus,
After adding third dummy parameter it work :tada:
Thank you :pray: Markus for your help