Detection of Firefox File Download pop up

I am trying to detect, that after click on download button of web app that I am testing, the firefox browser file download dialog pop up appears. I couldn’t find anything so as a last resort I tried Alert should be present keyword, but with no success.
Note: I don’t need to check downloaded file itself, confirmed presence of the dialogue is enough for atm.

That Dialog is not from the browser (Firefox in this case), but from the operating system. You cannot use SeleniumLibrary to test this.

Thanks. Is there any other known RF library, that could be used here? OR there is no way to handle this os pop up with RF?

The usual libraries for GUI/desktop app testing, are: SikuliLibrary, ImageHorizon, PyAutoIT, WatchUI.

(image recognition based)


thanks for this suggestion. I will have a look

So I solved this by disabling download dialog and checking if file exists. Thanks anyway for you suggestions. Learnt a lot about those libs.

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