Connection to remote server broken: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer

Hello guys! Hope is everything ok to everybody!

So, I have been facing a problem that is driving me crazy! haha… I’m getting the folowing message when I start my test suite… “Connection to remote server broken: [Errno 104] Connection reset by peer”… and then, the suite is closed immediately… I have searched on the internet but I didn’t find anything that could help me… I attached a screeshot so it can be easier to see the problem…
Sometimes, just the [Errno 111] is reaised as it is in the screenshot…

Could anyone help me pls?
Thanks in advance!

How are you trying to connect and to what please? … SSH? FTP? Web GUI? Database? Other?
What library or code are you using and which lines does the error appear at please?


Hi Alex_read! Thank you for your attention!

So, I use the postgresql 16 and some ssh comands also but the error is being raised when the keyword “Wait Until Screen Contains” from sikuli library is executed by the second time.
As we can see in the execution log screenshot I attached to this answer, I have a connection to the database that is doing fine. Above I have one keyword that creates a directory and copy the log files of the previous test execution. Then, I clean the queue of the printer and load the tests elements. Everything works fine.

These are the libraries I use during the tests:

Afaik Sikuli in RF relies on rpc server because it’s written in Java.

That error # indicates that the remote server has closed the connection. It could mean that it has crashed or something similar.

Check the logs of Sikuli side ?

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Usually this type of error is caused by a firewall blocking the connection.

Are you in a corperate environment? If so you might need to check with the network team if the machine you are connecting from is allowed to connect yo the server? Alternativly you may need to use a different connection type or port number, but let your network team help you with that.

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The logs in sikuli side is like this.

Thank you bro! I’m going to check it out.

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After reviewing this thread a bit more, i think it’s more likely somehthing crashed as rasjani said

Main reason why i thought it would be crash – I’d assume that when a remote library is imported, it gets the list of keywords from the remote (i think, im not 100% sure about this) and since actual robot log shows that Wait Until Screen Contain was already once working but fails after Double Click

Few quetions;

  1. Are you using this GitHub - rainmanwy/robotframework-SikuliLibrary: Sikuli Robot Framework Library provide keywords for Robot Framework to test UI through Sikuli. ?
  2. How do you start the remote - manually or with “new” mode ?
  3. that piece of log doesn’t show any calls, just a startup. I’d assume remoteserver shows something while tests are being executed and one of your robot logs did show that Wait Until Screen Contain was executed once succesfully.
  4. Will the issue start always when you refer to the same image or do you get these issues at random ?

Hello everyone! How u all doing?
I have finally found out what was making that error to be raised. There was a fucki** “SUDO -S killall java” being executed while the program I am testing was being loaded. I removed this line from the .sh file and everything started to work fine again. Thanks everyone for the attention!