Command Go To takes too long to end

Hi, I’ve been trying to create a code that needs to make several searches on google, at first it reached a point where the captcha was called, which was expected, no problem. But since yesterday it doesn’t show anymore captchas, just reaches a point where the browser stops and the command Go To takes way too long to execute. The page is already loaded but the code doesn’t recognize it, and doesn’t even get an error message. It could take up to 12/15 min to get an error but when you see the log the Go To command was the one who consumed all the time wasted and the fail commes when the next command tries to be executed. Is this a way that google find to break the automation? Or is this a error caused by some configuration of chrome? I’ve never seen this type of error before and couldn’t find anything on the internet, but I’ve tried some arguments like --no-sandbox; --disable-infobars; --disable-dev-shm-usage; --disable-browser-side-navigation; --disable-gpu; --enable-automation with chrome options and even changed the pageLoadStrategy in the desired capabilities to ‘eager’ and ‘none’, but with no luck. If anyone have an ideia, please let me know. I don’t think my code would be necessary for this issue, it’s basically search, get info and search again

Hi Lucca,

Consider the following questions:

  • have you been employed/contracted by google to test their search engine?
  • have you got permission from google to use their search engine this way?
  • have you got a commercial agreement with google to use their search engine this way?

If the answer to any of those is yes, then you have an avenue for support from google on this issue.

I’m guessing the answer is “No”, then you need to consider that google is a company that is providing a service, while they don’t charge you money for that service, it’s not free, you pay for it by viewing advertisements, the advertisers then pay google, and this is how the server infrastructure is payed for.

It sounds like google is applying some kind of rate limiting to protect their servers from abuse, probably because you are making more requests in a short timeframe than what google considers acceptable, you should probably read the terms and conditions on their website to ensure that you are using their service in a way they consider acceptable.

I don’t see an intermittent slow response as being an issue with robot framework or seleniumLibrary.


Thanks dave, didnt know about that, will be more careful

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