Close browser takes a long time when i open and close an excel file

Hello, I have made an test that checks the content of a downloaded Excel file (using the robotframework-excellib library). When the test is done and closes the document and browser, it takes more then a minute:

When I rerun the test without opening and closing the Excel-file, the same closing steps are done in mere tenths of a second:

While debugging I found the part that takes up all the time (please forgive the bad code for debugging):

  •         response = stub.CloseBrowser(Request.Empty())

Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you fix it? While it isn’t a problem at this moment, it will soon be when there are 10 tests coming that all use this technique (and I hate waiting for 10+ minutes for nothing :smiley:)

This is the part of the test that interacts with the Excel file:

  1. Check excel export

  2. [Arguments]    ${documentnaam}    ${ordernummer}    ${kosten}    ${routing}    ${vergoeding}    ${percentage}    ${busmaatschappij}   
  3. Open Excel Document   ${DOWNLOAD_FOLDER_PATH}/${documentnaam}.xlsx    docid
  4. ${row}=   Set Variable    2
  5. FOR    ${index}    IN RANGE    1    20
  6.     ${A}=   Read Excel Cell    ${index}    2
  7.     IF    "${A}" == "${ordernummer}"
  8.         ${row}=   Set Variable    ${index}
  9.         Exit For Loop
  10.     END
  11. END
  12. ${busmaatschappij_kolom}=   Read Excel Cell    ${row}    1
  13. ${ordernummer_kolom}=       Read Excel Cell    ${row}    2
  14. ${kosten_kolom}=            Read Excel Cell    ${row}    3
  15. ${routing_kolom}=           Read Excel Cell    ${row}    4
  16. ${vergoeding_kolom}=        Read Excel Cell    ${row}    5
  17. ${percentage_kolom}=        Read Excel Cell    ${row}    6
  18. IF    "${busmaatschappij}" != "null"
  19.     Should Be Equal As Strings    ${busmaatschappij_kolom}    ${busmaatschappij}
  20. END    
  21. Should Be Equal As Strings    ${ordernummer_kolom}    ${ordernummer}
  22. Should Be Equal As Strings    ${kosten_kolom}         ${kosten}
  23. Should Be Equal As Strings    ${routing_kolom}        ${routing}
  24. Should Be Equal As Strings    ${vergoeding_kolom}     ${vergoeding}
  25. Should Be Equal As Strings    ${percentage_kolom}     ${percentage}
  26. Close Current Excel Document
  27. Sleep    1s

@EriktenAsbroek Are you using Selenium Library?

No, I am using the Browser library

What happens if you just download the Excel file and skip the interact part? I See jou already did that :thinking:

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Maybe it has something to do with the fact that Playwright deletes the downloaded files when the browser context that produced them is closed?

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That seems to be the cause of the problem.
But even when downloading and removing the file (with the Remove File function) without interacting with the document, it still takes a long time to end the test.

BTW do you use Chromium, Google Chrome or Microsoft Edge as browser?

I use Chromium

Hi @Erik Does the following example also takes a long time?
On my machine after the file is downloaded the browser is closed immediately.

Download test
    New Browser    chromium    headless=false
    New Context
    New Page
    ${link}    Get Element By Role    LINK    name=practice-software-testing
    Click    ${link}
    ${button}    Get Element By Role    BUTTON    name=Code
    Click    ${button}
    ${downloadPromise}    Promise To Wait For Download
    ${downloadButton}    Get Element By    Label    text=Download ZIP
    Click    ${downloadButton}
    ${download}=    Wait For    ${downloadPromise}
    Log    State of download is: ${download}[state]
    Log    File is downloaded at: ${download}[saveAs]
    Close Context

This post gave me enough new ideas :slight_smile:
Fixed it by using the file at ${download}[saveAs] location and using a context instead of only a new browser.
Thanks for the help! :smiley:

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