Click on checkbox

How can i click on a checkbox like this?
The checkbox isn’t clickable if I use this
Click xpath=//[@id=“TermoAceite”]
And don’t work use this
Click xpath=//

Do I have another alternative?


With SeleniumLibrary we would use:
Select Checkbox TermoAceite

Hi Lucas,

If @HelioGuilherme66 's answer doesn’t work (it’s the better way) then another thing you can try is simply sending the click to the parent element:

Click xpath=//[@id=“TermoAceite”]/..

Sometimes you need to fiddle to figure out which element is on top and actually receiving the click.


I have had this problem very often. The label is blocking the actual checkbox.
The way to make this work is to force click the checkbox. As I need to do this often I created a commonKeyword for it:

(Un)Check Checkbox

    [Arguments]  ${identifier}

    Click  ${identifier}  left  1  None  None  None  true

I see you use the id as a selector, but still put it in an xPath. That is not needed as you can just use id=TermoAceite.

So in your case using the commonKeyword in a test case will look like:

(Un)Check Checkbox id=TermoAceite

Thanks for the help, but with Browser Library nothing worked, I changed to Selenium and use Javascript to solve this problem
${element} Get WebElement id=TermoAceite
Execute Javascript arguments[0].click(); ARGUMENTS ${element}