Click on a specific zone of an image

I’m using Sikuli Library to do click on images for automate a Desktop Application.
When you use Click Keyword, click on the center of the image but i want to click on a specific zone without use the coordinates

Hi Carlos,

Click has the option of xOffset and yOffset so you can use these to tell it to click that many pixels to the right, left above or below the centre of the image.

SikuliLibrary only has 2 options for identifying a point on the screen co-ordinates, or an image which is used to identify the co-ordinates using the centre of the image and the offsets

If you don’t want to use the offsets all you can do is adjust your image so that the centre of the image is where you want the mouse to click.

Hope that helps,


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Tanks Dave!!

Do you know another library that i can do that i want to do?
If not, i can adjust the image.


Hi Carlos,

No the only other library that’s similar to Sikuli Library is ImageHorizonLibrary, but it will have the same restrictions.

How would you expect to tell Sikuli which region of your image to use? Maybe we could make a custom keyword that analyses the image and calculates the xOffset and yOffset. if it’s something you can describe, In robot framework we can call any python function and get it to do something for us.


Hi @CarlosPitero I saw your question here. I was trying to use Robot framework with Sikuli library but I didn’t have luck. I’m using Pycharm IDE for my IDE and when I install any of the robot plugin like Intelibot it doesn’t recognize Sikuli’s keywords like Add Image Path. May I ask what IDE are you using with which plugin?