Chrome does not continue pageload when headless


I have a webpage ( where automation works fine when I use chrome (81), but when I run it headless, the page does continue loading.

It happens when you search for a delivery. The next page is a waiting-screen which updates at some point with information about your delivery. But when running headlesschrome it just does not continue.

Has somebody face such an issue and got it working?

Some pages are not compatible with headless Chrome and there is not a way in the SeleniumLibrary to fix the problem. The best option is to report problem to Chrome issue tracker and see what they say about it.

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Just as a side note. I ran into several issues like that, and sometimes Firefox does the trick. If you don’t mind switching browsers, it can help you.

The funny part, One of my Robots forced me to move back to chrome because I hit a snag on Firefox where the page never finished loading.