Choose file not working in firefox

Hello, I am testing inserting a file via Choose File however for some reason when I run this test in firefox I get a “File not found” error (If I run the same test in chrome or edge it runs fine) Do you know what the problem is?

InvalidArgumentException: Message: File not found: “”“path”“”

I would check the arguments passed in as it looks like the filename is not properly being passed in.

Sorry I only hid the actual path to the file. Here is a screenshot of the log. In this folder there is indeed an image called “512x512.jpg” As I said, when I run it on chrome it’s OK, but on firefox it doesn’t work.

Hello , did you find any fix for this issue ?

Yes I solved it somehow, but I’m not home right now so I don’t remember exactly.

I set a path in Variables (something like this…)
${512x512png} /Users/xxxxx/documents/testing/Documents/512x512.jpg
Before I use choose file in test case I execute this line:
${nor512x512png} Normalize Path ${512x512png}
And then I add an image like this:
Choose File ${InputFileBox} ${nor512x512png}

I hope this helps