Can't click on the link

Hi … I have 2 similar links on the page where differences only in the name ‘Game 1.0’ vs ‘Game 1.1’ and in ‘https’ where ‘app-1’ vs ‘app-2’ … I try to use Click button, Click Link, Click Element and Implicit chaining locator … nothing work.
What is the correct way for this scenario to simulate click ?

Game 1.0
Game 1.1

For chaining locator,
Wait Until Page Contains Element onclick=launchApp ( 'https:///app-2/
FAIL : Element 'onclick=launchApp ( ‘https://*/app-2/’ did not appear in 5 seconds.

Hard to tell without some screenshots or page-source. I’m also skeptical about your locators there…the error message tells you that it is trying to click on

onclick=launchApp ( ‘https://*/app-2/

…which is not a well-formed locator.

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IT works … thank you