Click doesn't work at random and all necessary states seem to be in place

Hello, everyone! Hope you’re having a good one.

I’ve trying to automate some FE features with Browser and the Click keyword on a specific element passes at times, but sometimes it doesn’t. I attemped the solution proposed on this topic, I ran the tests four times and yet they failed on my fifth run.

Log exhibits the following error message:

TimeoutError: Timeout 60000ms exceeded.
=========================== logs ===========================
waiting for selector “id=buttonid”
selector resolved to visible <input value=“Save” type=“button” role=“button” aria-di…/>
attempting click action
waiting for element to be visible, enabled and stable

Tip: Use “Set Browser Timeout” for increasing the timeout or double check your locator as the targeted element(s) couldn’t be found.

The odd thing is, I added a Wait For Condition KW which stablishes if the KW contains all the states above, and despite the fact that the element does contain all of them, it can still fail:

Has anyone ever faced a similar issue and have suggestions on how to approach this? As I mentioned above, I’ve tried to implement the solutions adapted from this video as per a reply in a similiar topic, but I still haven’t found a way through which the tests never fail.

Thanks to anyone who took their time to read this.