Calling an instance from a class doesn't work although calling a method works

I’m using a customized robot decorator to create test suite, test case and robot keyboard to run the test cases using Python.
When “LibAction1” is called as a method, the report passed

While creating an instance from a dummy class and calling the “LibAction1” as an instance method doesn’t work, throwing an exception “No keyword with name ‘LibAction1’ found”

Could you please advise why does robot report throw and exception when using an instance method although the keyword annotation is added to this method.
For your reference the working and the not working projects are uploaded on the Drive.

You try to take the library into use like, right? In that case that module becomes a library, not the class. Only if the module name and the class name match, Robot will use the class as a library. Alternatively you could make sure dummy_tests is in PYTHONPATH and then import the library like dummy_tests.DummyTestLib, but the former solution is typically easier. For more details see the User Guide.

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Thank you for your reply, the issue has been solved but another issue appears.

Throwing “TypeError: dummy_tests.LibAction1() takes 1 positional argument but 2 were given”, although no arguments are given to the method