Browser Library : Single Sign on

Hi Experts,

I am using Browser Library and opening a new context by passing the username and password in httpcredentials. and able to sign in successfully. At first, I taught credentials that are picked from the below keywords. But when I passed an invalid password in ${pword} variable, still sign-in is successful :frowning:
Looks like credentials are taken from a single sign-on. is there any way I can force the script to accept credentials from HTTP credentials parameter?

Keywords I am using
New Context httpCredentials={‘username’: ‘{userName}', 'password': '{pword}’}

Really appreciate your help.

Were you using “New Page” after opening this contect with the credentials? Using another “New Context” or an “Open Browser” after doing this would override the settings you have set with the new context’s.

What do you mean by credentials being taken from a single sign-on? Are you manually entering the single-sign-on details on the page besides these httpCredentials?

how can I open the page after setting up the httpcredentials?