Browser library installation on another machine

Hi All,
I’m trying to understand how should the installation of browser library ( can be done on a machine without the code itself.
How initionlize the browser and downloading the binaries automatically in another machine?


If you need to run tests on the remote browser, you can setup Selenium Grid to spawn chrome/chromium browsers and playwright/browser can interact with it. The downside is, that you can only use chrome/chromium nodes as browser is using cdp to connect to that browser.

Another way how to run on remote machine will be complicated. You can for example create robot remote library, that will setup the remote environment for you (but the remote library must run on remote machine). Afterwards you can create few keyword that will initialize and install all the required packages for browser to run. After this you’ll need to copy codes to remote machine and run them. At the end you need to connect results.

If you are using vmware as virtualisation, you can also use vmware vix api to copy/install and run tests on machine.

For me, the correct way how to run tests on another machine is selenium grid (you can also connect custom node to it, that will live on another machine)

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