Best way to automate Multilanguage websites using RF

Hi, I’m new to Robot Framework and I’m currently automating a website that supports different languages.

My goal is to automate the sites text, headers, labels etc. vs an excel file of translations to different languages and check if they match with the translations.

It would help me a lot if you give insights on the approach to take, if there are libraries I can use for this particular requirement.

Thanks in advance!


It is probably less of a Robot Framework challenge than a challenge of the localization architecture.

Before you can check if the translation is right, you need a mapping between the translation and the ui-elements.

In best case, you have in dev side localization dictionaries with text keys and translated texts as values.

If you are lucky, you can create a mapping between ui-element-ids and text-keys. And then you can check if the correct text-value is displayed. The actual comparison is easy (if ui is implemented well, like ui-elements have proper identifiers).

I would avoid creating a second dictionary of translations only for test, but better use the original data from development.



Hi Markuz, thanks for your inputs. per checking, my first challenge is I can’t seem to find unique identifiers for ui elements (eg. id, name). Is there any other way you can suggest rather than checking on gui side. thanks!