Backslah removed in values


I have a csv that looks like this:


I also have a testcase using DataDriver:

*** Settings ***
Library    DataDriver    reader_class=generic_csv_reader
Test Template    Extract test data from file

*** Keywords ***
Extract test data from file
    [Arguments]    ${testdata}    ${file}
    Do stuff

*** Test Cases ***
Extract '${testdata}' from '${file}'

I have a problem with the backslashes in csv. DataDriver generates as many tests as are listed in CSV file, but backslash are missing. My file value always is mypathtotestfileonwindows

Using DataDriver 0.3.6. Any idea what is going on?

Hi @Noordsestern,

The default for escapechar is backslash.
Which means the first backslash should be visible.

Have you tried to modify this value!

Library DataDriver escapechar="

This is typically used in csv to escape the value delimiters.