"Automated GUI testing" by executing python scripts

I am interesting in developing an application for doing “Automated GUI Testing”.
The application under test (AUT) is written in Java (SWT).
To carry out this goal, my approach has to do with the following:

  • First, try to record several actions on the GUI of the AUT (preferably in python scripts).
  • Second, automate actions by executing (replaying) the scripts recorded previously.
    I think, it is mandatory to be used some kind of SWT for JAVA library.
    Could I find some useful material in this site to start with this task?
    If you have any question or other idea to do that, please let me know.
    Thanks so much in advance,

Hi @rmunoz63

Not mandatory, but probably easier;

A quick look through resources on the robot framework page finds SwingLibrary, which might be what you’re after, I’ve never used this library myself, so you’ll need to look at the documentation, hopefully someone else here has used it and they can help you with it if you need it.

If SwingLibrary doesn’t work for you and you can’t find a better library, then, these 2 libraries that can be used to automate any GUI (giving you a fall back position):

Hope that helps,


See my answer in your other Thread about Java SWT Automation

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