Args for which screen to open

Please implement that I can say to Open Browser args=open-on-screen-number 1

I have 3 PC screens and I would like to open it on a certain/explicit one. when giving Demo in MS Teams.

Use New Browser which has support for args argument.

  1. the args don’t work sometime (is it a bug somehow?)
  2. then I would still have to know which argument that is for x browser. (I will dive into that and post it here if I know the argument).
  3. in the Documentation I would really REALLY appreciate a far better describtion of how to use the args in VisualStudioCode with RobotFramework.

is it with ‘quotes’ or “quotes” or “'quotes”’ how does it look like with 1, how does it look like with multiple…

also the args per browser seem to differ, better documentation with examples would be highly appreciated.

the assumption that every ‘Browser’ library user is highly advanced technical is just not very accesible so to speak. would be much better with good proper examples and nice explanations.

here’s some info, but again, then you need to know how to adjust/customize certain files.

my opinion is: every Browser Library user should be able to do as much as possible anything he wants without having to alter the code on how the browser starts with tricks like these:

That is an example for Selenium, but Browser library is powered by Playwright. Although both runs browsers, they are based on different technology stack and therefore what works with one, may not work with another. Have you seen how that can be done with Playwright?

Also remember that Browser library is NOT company powered project, so it’s done with people’s free time.

I know aaltat and ultimate respect for that!

Due to circumstances I have to make use of both! library’s.
(I’m not going into the details :slight_smile: )

Regarding Browser library, no I have not seen how to do that.

I’m good in using keywords, I’m very good in xpath things, I’m good in overall test process understanding (including merge processes) But I have not much expierence in how to alter the startup browser processes. I think it’s crux in automation so I’m in the learning process of that.
Hope I’m more advanced in this part as well in a year or so.