Any plan to upgrade the ugly icon?

The RIDE icon is so ugly and it even seems unprofessional, really hope there will be an upgrade some day.

What icon are you talking about?
The new RobotFramework representing a face with a blinking eye, actually an R rotated 90 degrees?

Would you propose a new one?


I mean this icon in the snapshot above.

As a new user to robot, the icon looks a little un-friendly or even terrifying to me.

I expect it to be nice with a high-tech style, hope some one can help in this community, to make the nice project to a higher level

Just to clarify, you are not talking about the issue of rendering the icon at scale and the alaising that is happening in your screenshot above. You are talking about the icon itself; that it is as you describe. Correct?

Damn, they put that ugly icon also in the forum!
:robot: :robot: :robot: :robot: :robot: :robot: :robot: :robot: :robot: :robot:

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I’m just kidding.
Sorry, couldn’t resist :rofl:

That icon is part of the visual identity of Robot Framework

I think - for now - it will stay as it is.

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However - if it’s just about the “quality” or resolution of the used icon - maybe there is something what could be done

@zhangguofu Well, this is an open source project, you can change the icon yourself.

Just fork the project, create your icons and propose a Pull Request. (change the icon filenames and the code using them).

Please consider adjusting all the icons:

mhm, the RIDE/robot_failed.png at master · robotframework/RIDE · GitHub indeed looks a bit scary :wink:

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I always get scared when a test fails :wink:

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Thanks for your detailed information, it is really helpful.
I will do this when I have these icons ready, also others can do this as well.
Let’s make the robot better and better