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Robot Framework Playwright library. Moving browser automation to year 2020 (or 2021)!

Aiming for :rocket: speed, :white_check_mark: reliability and :microscope: visibility.

Official post about this venture.


Install yarn install and poetry install.

Run pytests poetry run pytest.

Make it do magic

  • yarn ts-node src/index.ts
  • poetry run robot atest


Python Library <–> gRPC <—> TypeScript and Playwright


This project is community driven and becomes a reality only through the work of all the people who contribute.

Mikko Korpela

Tatu Aalto


@René there is typo in the category, it should be: playwright not playwrite. How I change it?

don´t know if you can change it. you are moderator, but not admin…
i fixed that.

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