When running my code from ubantu server , then getting error variable not found for the element

I have created mobile app automation testcses in Page object model. It’s working fine on macbook. when same code I am running on ubantu server , then getting error for some elements - variable ${variablename} not found.

First off, It’s really hard to say anything if you don’t share how you load the variable or proper logs but lets speculate.

MacOS has case sensitive filesystem while Linux does not. This means;

*** Settings ***
Resource    ../Resources/vars.resource

If you have something like that but the actual directory name is resources, that will work on Mac but Not on linux and thus, variables loaded from vars.resource would be unavailable…

Thanks for your response , I have checked resource file name . it’s correct . Please let me know if that kind of error can occur due to docker container .


Once again, if you dont share any code, there’s near 0 possibilities someone can just guess whats is causing the issue.

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Thanks for your reply , I have resolved it by renaming of locator file name.