Wait Until Image Match - Browser keyword extension to handle image based tests


I am proposing this keyword based on pixelmatch, sharp and fs modules from Node.js, which works as an extension of Browser library. I believe this is the most advanced keyword of this type and I am using it successfully to replace any other image recognition libraries I was using in the past to check images are actually displayed on screen. Compared with other similar extensions that are comparing the whole screenshot, this one can compare screenshots of a particular element selector, as well as a particular region from within the given image.

Wait Until Image Match ${image} ${selector} ${timeout}=5 ${threshold}=0.1 ${tolerance}=1.0 ${region}=@{EMPTY}

adrian-evo/wait-until-image-match: Robot Framework Browser extension. An advanced image match keyword that is waiting for image to be displayed on screen. Also possible to compare a particular region of the image. (github.com)