Vrs. 18.5.1-related keywords missing

To go around click-related problem (item is not selected from selection list when test is run in a server) I have tried to use ‘Click With Options’- and ‘Wait For Load State’-keywords mentioned in the documentation of Browser library 18.5.1

However, although I am using the same Browser library version (checked by a command: pip show robotframework-browser) I get an error message:
No keyword with name ‘Wait For Load State’ found. Did you try using keyword ‘Browser.Wait For’ and forgot to use enough whitespace between keyword and arguments?

Therefore I wonder if the documentation is wrong or if my update effort for Browser library has failed somehow.
To update the browser library into my Windows10 workstation I used following commands:

  1. pip install --upgrade robotframework-browser
  2. rfbrowser clean-node
  3. rfbrowser init

Any ideas what the core reason for the problem could be and how to fix it?

Check your Browser library version.
(via command line or manually find the version.py file in Robot Python Lib folder)

I get the exact same message when I run my test with old Browser library.

As I wrote into my explanation, I had already checked the version number by using command pip show robotframework-browser. Anyhow, I checked it also now from version.py file locating in \Lib\site-packages\Browser -folder - and it was the same 18.5.1

Hi Ilkka,

missing keywords is usually an issue with the IDE or a plugin within the IDE rather than Robot Framework itself.

Perhaps you can mention which IDE your using and which plugins for that IDE? hopefully someone familiar with that can help you.


Hi Dave,

Thank you for your reply. I’m using PyCharm Community Edition as my IDE and it appeared that you were right. When I started the same command in Command prompt (>robot -v ta_OwnLibsPath:… -v URL:…l -v STARTDELAY:0 -d results --loglevel TRACE:INFO --exitonfailure PalvelussuhteenPaattaminen.robot) what I run from PyCharm it found the earlier missing keyword. The only problem is that now my script fails already earlier in normal click command because of ‘missing’ id… :unamused:
Anyhow, it’s now clear that there are some differences when running the script from IDE comparing to running it from command prompt. I have to investigate the matter more, but thank you for a valuable hint.

Rgs, Ilkka

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