Using Jira in RobotFramework without JiraRobot Library

Hi All,

I am currently using Python 3.6.7 and I tried to use the JiraRobot Library in order to use the keywords for Jira, but I am not able to install the JiraRobot Library with this version of Python.

I have tried the library with Python 2.7 and it worked fine. Now, we are moving to the other version of Python (3.6.7) and I want to have the features of Jira API to be working in this version as well.

Can anyone suggest a library for Jira with keywords like JiraRobot which is compatible with Python 3.6.7?

I am currently using:
Python - 3.6.7
Robot framework - 3.2.1
Jira library - 2.0.0