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I have installed an extension on my chrome browser that’s very practical => Selectors Hub. It is very convenient to generate and verify Xpath (especially for “advanced” selectors where iframe is involved or svg)

Now the problem I see is that when I use the command open available browser, it uses Chrome but without any extension. So, it means I have to open a separate browser window and do all the steps of my robot to be able to then use the extension “Selectors Hub” on my lastest step progress and do my selectors investigation.

So, is there a way to open available browser, including all available extension on my machine? Or do I need to add them through a library? or else?

For example, this is what selectors hub can do:

Thank you

If seems that xou are using RoboCorps RPA Framework, which is basically a wrapper around SeleniumLibrary or Browser library.

In the case of Open Available Browser it is SeleniumLibrary afaik.

Therefore i changed the category.
It is always helpful to define which lib you are using.
Unfortunately i can not answer the question but maybe @EdManlove of @rasjani can.


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Thank you René
Yes, indeed, I use RPA.Browser.Selenium Library

Perhaps not the answer you’d like to hear, but I recommend all my customers to get comfortable with writing Xpath selectors on their own.
As long as you are relying on an Add-On to write selectors for you, your debugging strategy always has to consider also a potential error coming from the Add-on.
What do you do if a generated selector does not work as expected?

Once you have learned how to use Xpath features like axes, parent/child, multi-row results etc. you can write very robust expressions.

Btw, this is the first slide of chapter “Xpath” in my training material :slight_smile:

To answer your question: for Geckodriver (FF) there is a way to install extensions programmatically.
You have to write a custom Python library file with an from selenium import webdriver import.
There are different methods to configure the Profile and also install extensions (3 ways), e.g.




agreed, I was in despare and turned to that false god

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