Unable to input text into some text fields


Often i find myself struggling with certain text fields. I’m able to click this element but i’m unable to use “input text” keyword on this text field. I keep getting Invalid element state exception.

I’ve tried clicking the element first and then using input text but it doesn’t work.

Can someone help???

Hi! Can you paste the HTML markup as text?

Right-click the element → CopyOuter HTML


Here it is:

input _ngcontent-utg-c198="" type=“text” mask=“separator” thousandseparator="," class=“table-input ng-pristine ng-valid ng-star-inserted ng-touched”


Hmm. Nothing wrong or special about that markup. Need a bit more context to be able to help.

  • Can you share your robot code where you try to input text?
  • And also the part where you managed to successfully click the element?
  • Also share the full error message. Thanks!

I am also having this issue where I am getting the following error message :
InvalidElementStateException: Message: Unable to clear element that cannot be edited

I am trying to enter text into a field with this selector - css=#ycptcpt

I know that the selector is working because I have click element beforehand to see if RF can access it and I can see the cursor appear and blink.

But its failing at this step - input text css=#ycptcpt test
with that error message

Found the solution. The selector was a div so naturally I was unable to enter text. I drilled down further and found this selector to use -

input text xpath=//form[@id=‘f’]//input[@name=‘login’] ${Email}