Trying to verify multiple text on a page

Is there a way I can use Page Should Contain and validate multiple Strings on the page
I tried using @{List} eg: Page Should Contain @{List}
But that didnt work. I am trying to validate 6 different tables that are present on the table and I only have to verify the tables headers/titles.

Page Should Contain will look for one text string each time it is called. If you have a list of items you could loop through them to check them all, something like

  FOR    ${Item}    IN    @{List}
      Page Should Contain    ${Item}

I’ll note Page Should Contain checks the entire html of the page. So if you have text repeated or a likely scenario used somewhere else but not presented to the user it will find it there. Just something to keep in mind. An alternative is to check the specific element for expected text.

thank you Ed, that was really helpful. Appreciate the response.