Try Catch not working

Hello. Greetings to the entire Robotframework team and community. To report that the try catch functionality does not work in version 5.0.1. Therefore, we consult if it is necessary to install any additional application or configuration. Thank you and we are attentive to the answer.

You show wrong use of the control structure. Please consult the User Guide.

Also that IDE may not have been updated to highlight the new code structures.

Thank you very much for the prompt response. Effectively update IDE Pycharm to the latest version available (2002.2) and also update the Python interpreter to 3.10. Restart the app and still don’t recognize the TRY/EXCEPT keywords. It is possible to provide a simple example to conform or discard if we would indeed have an error. Thank you very much and I remain attentive.

You need to update the LSP plugin to the latest version. This has little to do with Python or PyCharm version.

You could walk me through fa’ what it would be like to update the LSP plugin to the latest version. thank you very much.

I am able to use Try Except In mac OS with Robotframework version 5.0.1 but it’s not working on the Ubuntu server with robot framework version 5.0.1.

Is there any other package that needs to be installed on the Linux server?

Getting error as No keyword with name 'TRY' found. is it fine if we have python version 3.8 ? is this needs to be updated?

Robotframework version:5.0.1

Double check the installation because, you are not really seeing RF 5.0.1.

When we have several Python setups, this is a common error.

Execute RF with:

python3.8 -m robot --version