SSH library could not execute background command on Windows hos

The target is to execute endless ping on Windows host. Command used manually do the job, when executed via SSH Execute Command nothing happen.
Example to local commands usage:
start /b cmd /c “ping -t > pingout.txt”
Command starts pinging the destination until killed, task status is visible via
tasklist -fi “IMAGENAME eq PING.EXE”
And can be abort using taskkill /F /im PING.EXE

When the ping command is executed via SSH library, after connect, there are no errors and Command exited with return code 0.

When trying to check status or killed, the SSH Execute Command returns with: INFO: No tasks are running which match the specified criteria.

The redirect output file is also empty.
Any advice?

Solved by installing Cygwin and use of cygsshd service

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