Squid Software Foundation - intercepting browsers

Has anyone encountered Squid Software Foundation problems? I have been running UI tests on company VPN without issue until several days ago. Squid software is now intercepting and stopping the browser from opening. I can open browsers outside of teh framework, and API calls are unaffected. My company do not use Squid, my device does not have Squid instealled, and my router is not configured to use it.
Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.

Hi Rob,

This doesn’t sound like a robot framework problem, but I’ll try to help you anyway, first i’ll need a little more info to try and understand what’s happening?

Can you share the error message you’re getting or a screenshot of the problem?

Some general comments as background:

The only software that is called squid is a proxy server and indeed searching for Squid Software Foundation brings me to the squid proxy server page.

The squid proxy server shouldn’t be able stop your browser from opening, but it could stop your browser from loading web pages, if this is happening you should get a page returned in your browser but not the page you were expecting rather an error page from the squid server.

My company do not use Squid

They may not knowingly use squid, but it might be a component of a proxy server or firewall product that they are using?
likewise it might be your companies upstream ISP that is using squid and all outbound web traffic from your company might be getting transparently redirected through your companies ISP’s squid server?


Even we got this issue in new vm (proxy) after adding “NO_PROXY” environment variable with “localhost” value fixed my issue