Sporadic SSHException: No existing session

Hi everyone,

sometimes i get a SSHException: No existing session during Suite Setup where i connect to my host using key.
The problem is not about the key as this problem occurs “sometimes”.
See the screenshot.


I tried to put some variables to check why the error occurs e.g. during the Open Connection i see that a session is there as i get a “1”. see ${ssh_session} = 1
I even added a Sleep of 1 sec between Open Connection and Login with Public Key as i thouht that somehow the “session” need some time to be created?

Well what i know for sure is that if i re-run my test it will work without any changes to e.g. the key.
So the error is sporadic - i don’t get it everytime.

Any Ideas?
Can i add some more variables to check why he claimed that there is no existing session?


Here a screenshot with DEBUG output.
The error raise in paramiko/transport.py