Shortcut / Batch file cmd window not closing at end of test / suite end

We I run my RF test suite / or individual tests using either a Shortcut or batch file the command prompt windows comes up and shows my test execution and at the end shows me that the various log files have been created, however the window stays on the screen and also doesn’t end with the cmd line prompt. The window can be closed manually however I want to run my test multiple times overnight thus I end up with multiple cmd prompt windows.

I tried entering the no console option on the cmd line which suppressed the individual tests output but still left the cmd window at the end.

C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe /c robot.exe -i xxxxxx C:\RobotFramework\Tests\xxxxxx.robot

Any help very much appreciated

Without knowing what’s happening in code level - hard to say … but these sort of things happen if you open files or processes within your RF or python code and those are not properly closed.

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If I run my tests with a cmd line then at the end of the test the cmd line shows a flashing prompt whereas with a batch file or shortcut this is not the case.


I run RobotFramework test suites via a batch file (where I set different things). If I want to run set of test suites multiple times (e.g 100 times) I use another batch file from which the actual RobotFramework batch file is called in a for loop. That solution leaves only one command prompt window open after the tests have been run.

As I am starting my tests remotely and unattended I need to close the command prompt after executing else I have multiple cmd and java process’s running