Screen capture no more displayed in logs with jenkins robot plugin


Now than screenshots are stored in directory browser/screenshot within the logpath I have an issue when I am using Jenkins to trigger my runs.
I am using Jenkins with Robot Framework plugin 3.0.1 to display the run results when finished.
What happens is that now the .png files are no more displayed in the log.html
when I dig into this problem I have noticed that in the jenkins workplace of my job, the log.html has invalid path for the .png files, indeed, the is missing in the path
my log.html is in : /ws/logs/log.html
and when I look into the log.html file iself, /ws/browser/screenshot/fail-screenshot-1.png : the logs directory is missing

Anyone face this issue or have any idea how to sort it out?

Thanks for your help!

I think you need to double-check the copy files/directories step on the Jenkins job.

Did you have a fix on this issue? Confronting a similar issue yet no reaction from anybody and couldn’t discover this point investigating in google.

Add a step to copy all missing files and directories tin Jenkins job.

This is due to the new location of the screen capture that are located into a Browser directory in your log directory
In order to solve this issue in the “Advanced” section of the Publish Robot Framework test results part of your config , you have a “Other files to copy” section
I have set : .png, **/.png
(I think the 1st *.png is now useless but I kept it … :slight_smile: )
Now I have my screencapture back in my reports !
Hope it helps

That’s what I am looking for, Thanks for sharing.