SAP GUI - Robosapiens - cell data

Hi team,
I am working on automating some SAP GUI ( monitoring / UAT ), but am having issue getting data in and out of the GUI.
As an example ( SM51 )

I am trying ( in this example ), to gather the status and then ( again in this example ) be able to to obviously check it’s status.
I have tried Read Cell, Select Cell Value, Read Text Field, Read Text, but no joy.
My current thinking this is a row_locator issue, and SAP’s fun page layout quirks.
I have tried LABEL (STATUS), I have tried numeric ( ${row_data} Read Cell 3 4 ( including different numbers and in double quotes )).
Most fail with similar error codes :
“The cell with the locator ‘3, 4’ could not be found. Hints: Check the spelling, maximize the SAP window”

So what am I being a derp at ?