Robotscript required for the work

I need a robot script so that I want to access the file in the root directory of virtual machine

Hi Vamsi,

Writing robot framework scrips might give you superpowers but it doesn’t give you superuser rights.

A robot script can only access a file if the user running the robot has suffient rights.

What do you want tp do with the file? which library are uou wabting to use? Its really not clear what ypu are asking.

For example Get File can read a text file, but if the file is not text that may not help.

Not sure if my answer was helpful, but with a vauge question not sure i could be,


I want a robot framework script so that I want to enter into root directory from home directory

OperatingSystem library has keywords for most all the Operating System level actions you might want to do, the rootdirectory of most machines is ”/” (or "c:" on windows)

Since you didn’t say what you wantto do, i don’t kbow what to suggest, have a look at the keywords in the OperatingSystem library, hopefully something there will be what you want.