Robotframework Angular support

Our app is currently build in angular 10 and do we have a support in robot framework that supports angular app? Currently we are using execute javascript function to interact with web elements and is there a library that supports to identify and interact with angular page? (Shadow-root etc)

Hi Meganathan and welcome to the Forum.

Robot Framework Browser is pretty good with newer frameworks like Angular.

It is based on Playwright by Microsoft.

It also natively support shadowDom. So you do not have to open each shadow-root step by step.
You just access the element and it will automatically open the shadow-roots needed.


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Thanks for your response, Upon clicking one of the button in my app, the angular page loads. I have already tried browser library and angular. Example - I am trying to access a button inside the shadow root as stated in the image, it fail every time as it is not able to identify the locator. is there any specific approach or locator strategy I should be following?

I do not see a button there?

Can you post the DOM where the button is and the selector you are using?

And maybe the error message of Browser lib?

I had a similar issue with flutter-web. First I had to go into the browser developers tools console and execute a javascript command that would unfold the elements under the shadowroot, something like this: document.querySelector('flt-glass-pane').shadowRoot.querySelector('flt-semantics-placeholder').click({force: true}).
In your case, replace flt-semantics-placeholder with your parent element under the shadow-root

I am trying to click the button inside the shadow-root. I tried browser library and Angular library. Nothing seems to be working. Its not identifying the locator at all

This is my locator //button[@id = ‘undefined’]

Hi @René

I just posted my scenario in the last comment. Could you please provide a solution ?