'.robot' can't be opened in Ride

Hi Sir,

I created a resource file ‘SeleniumSource.robot’ under directory ‘Resources’, but after I restart Ride, this file can’t be viewed, please refer to below screenshot. I tried different ride version, but the problem still here. Could you me some suggestions?


If the file does not have content or valid Robot Framework sections it may not be recognized as a file belonging to the project. If it is not used by any test suite, as resource, it will not show in the Test Suites (Project explorer panel).

If you use the File Explorer panel, and double-click (or right-click) on the file, it will show the error of not valid file, and open in Code editor.

As a note, you can rename the file extension from .robot to .resource, to better visualize its function.

Thank you, Guilherme! I resolved my problem according to your comments. :smile:

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