REST Library - how to overwrite headers while sending API request

Hi ,

I need help with REST library version 1.0.2 - REST (

In the API test suit, we are using REST library to send API request. It has Set Headers keyword which sets or updates the headers. we have a header field called accountId which is set for the first Post request. However, accountId is not required for the next API request after that. REST libarary simply updates the headers with new ones. So accountId still remains in the header list . How to simply overwrite the headers or remove accountId from the headers list? I tried setting accountId with EMPTY value but the API fails.

Is there any solution to overwrite the headers completely? Any other alternative.

Thanks for the help

To me I will set the header not when creating the session but when sending the 1st request
then for the 2nd request create and set another header according your needs