Request : response.content on JSON format?


On my RF tests, I have this piece of code :

**** Keyword ****

${header}= Create Dictionary Content-Type=application/json;charset=utf-8 Accept=application/json;charset=utf-8
Create Session mysession ${base_url} headers=${header} proxies=${proxyDict} verify=True ${param}= Create Dictionary partenaire=code_part
${response}= GET On Session mysession url=MyURL params=${param}
Log To Console ${response.content}

My problem is that on the console, the reponse is on string format (not on JSON as wanted).
I know that response.content is a string which content a json isn’t it ?

How can I display on the console the JSON format (with specific indentation etc…)
I tried to use Convert String to Json but it doesn’t work…

Thanks a lot.