Renaming Testsuite from python

I know that you can rename a testsuite with custom name by putting this to your test suite:
*** Settings ***
Name Custom Suite Name

However, I’d like to generate a dynamic suite name for my purposes like
*** Settings ***
Name Custom Suite Name ${SOME_GLOBAL_VARIABLE}

But this merely creates a suite name ‘Custom Suite Name ${SOME_GLOBAL_VARIABLE}’ so it seems no dynamic data can be placed in suite name…

To the Python… I have something like this:

class MyLibrary:

def __init__(self):
    self.currentSuite = None

def _start_suite(self, data, suite): = "custom suite"
    self.current_suite = data

That line gives this warning:
robot: 2024-03-26 16:48:18 UTC pid: 10120 - MainThread - CRITICAL - robotframework_debug_adapter.debugger_impl
Robot Debugger Warning: SUITE - MySuite pop just by type. Actual request: SUITE - custom suite name

But in the robot report I can see still the original MySuite as a test suite, so it doesn’t change this.

if I put this to the _start_suite method: = “Custom suite”

This gives no warning and the and in the execution console you can see this as new suitename BUT once I open the report, the old suitename remains.

I even checked the documentation here:

Having said that, I am not a Python god, so I have probably an error in my thoughts somewhere, but this would be nice to resolve.