Reminder - Open Space next Friday!

:robot: Reminder - Open Space next Friday! :robot:

Date: 29 October (Last Friday of every month)
Time: EET 4pm - 5pm
Topics (Open Space - Topics - Google Docs - this month):

  • RoboCon 2022 Call For Proposals, Conference Update(Ed)
  • Robot Framework 5.0 survey results and update (Pekka Kl瓣rck)

Calendar invitation: Google Calendar - Sign in to Access & Edit Your Schedule

Open Space is time for discussions around topics about and related to Robot Framework and the community. Topics and agenda are set prior to the meeting. Given time we open the floor to general discussion. If there is any Robot Framework related topics you wish talk about please reach out to me here or within our Slack community @Ed Manlove.

Note: This time is not for focused support related questions. If you are having trouble and looking for help we suggest reaching out to the Slack channels here. We have an active and supportive community willing to work with you using these Slack channels.