Redis library in robot framework

In my application we are using multiple redis ports. I am new to robot framework. How to connect to redis port using robot framework.
Thanks in advance

Hi @smitha,

Probably the best place to start would be the RedisLibrary

The 1st and 3rd results when I searched for “robot framework redis library”


I have used redis library and gave keyword connect to redis . But it doesn’t work out

Hi @smitha,

Ah Ok, I’ve never used redis, so that’s just where I would have started but I did a bit of a search before that so have some other suggestions you could try

  • Redis with Python, there are a few different ways you can call python libraries in Robot Framework, for this problem I’d suggest creating some Robot Framework keywords in python, use python code to do make the redis calls and then call your keywords (this is what I expect the RedisLibrary above should do, and perhaps doing this will enable you to fix the issues with that library if you wanted to. Here are some links I would use if I were to do this:

  • Redis CLI, this is really a fall back if nothing else works, there is a command line interface (CLI) for redis which seems to be well documented here Redis CLI, so Process Library’s, Run Process can be used to call the command line and get the results back.

Hope one of those work for you,


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