Re-using same node process

Hi all,
I would like to run parallel tests using pabot and reusing the same node process but I don’t understand how to do it. I have a bash script where I run this command: pabot --processes $PROCESSES etc…

How can I use this experimental feature?

Thanks a lot.

Question isnt too obvious what you are actually trying to do and what experimental feature you are talking about.

I read this: RPA.Browser.Playwright library | Robocorp documentation and I was thinking of running N robot tests in parallel that shared the browser rather than creating a new instance every time.

Is it possibile? Did I get it right?


Hi @m91

I guess that might be possible, I’ve never tried it, but here’s where’s I’d start

  • You will want to use Run Setup Only Once (pabot execution)
  • In your setup call New Browser (not Open Browser)
  • In your test case call New Page (and New Context unless you want to share the context)
  • Then each test should be executing in a separate browser tab/window rather a completely different process.

I hope that helps,


Hi @damies13,
It doesn’t work because each test runs the “Run setup only once” suite setup.

What do you think of the previous link RPA.Browser.Playwright library | Robocorp documentation?


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