POST data max size limit?

I am attempting a large payload to my api using RequestLibrary POST On Sesssion (data=…). Small payloads are successfully delivered but as soon the payload exceeds a certain limit (32000 bytes?) empty content is delivered to the api. (With the size of the posted payload in Content-Length header.)
Does this limit make sense? Is there a way to overcome the limit?

I am not expert on this, but I think you are reaching some maximum default value for the size of payload. I would then search how to set the size of the payload for normal Requests (the original) library, or even for HTTP requests spec.

Hi Dick,

I don’t remember seeing any limits mentioned in the requests doco, so I did a bit of looking around and indeed there isn’t any mentioned either in the requestsLibrary doco or the underlying python requests module’s doco.

There are a couple of things I can think of that might be happening:

  • your app server has a file size limit (pretty common)
  • you are reaching a memory limit on your side and the file is too big for reading into memory, there is a keyword in requestsLibrary for dealing with this: Get File For Streaming Upload, perhaps you need to use this?

From my hunting around I found that most browsers have a file size limit in the 2GB to 4GB range, but it’s not uncommon for web servers to have a file upload limit in the KB range, given you’re getting issues with file sizes in the 32KB range my first guess would be it’s a setting issue, did you try manually with the same file?

Hope this is helpful,


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