Pabot processes not able to access global variable

I am using pabot to run test cases in parallel. Have set a global variable in suite setup but when tests running in parallel, one process able to access global variable and other not able to.

Suite Setup Run Setup Only Once Setup Test Suite

*** Keywords ***
Setup Test Suite
[Documentation] This function is used to setup test suite.
${test_sn}= hello-12345
Set global variable ${test_sn}

*** Test Cases ***
TC001 First test case
log many ${test_sn}

TC002 Second test case
log many ${test_sn}

IN the above example, after parallel execution (via pabot), I could see that one test able to access the global variable ${test_sn} but other test case fails with error ''Variable ${test_sn} not found.”

Please see PabotLib for sharing a value between processes

Thanks Miko for the response. Yes, I was able to overcome this problem using Set/Get Parallel Value for key but was thinking if there is any straight forward way for processes to use global variables (without needing to call Get/Set Prallel Value for Key keyword).