Pabot issue - Reading XML source '' failed: No such file or directory


I am unable to run the tests in parallel as i am facing the below error.
[ Stopping PabotLib process
ERROR ] Reading XML source ‘’ failed: No such file or directory

Pabot command used in my framework -
@pabot --pabotlib --processes {parallelNumber} --nostatusrc -v ResultPath:{ResultFilePath} --listener allure_robotframework:{AllureDir} -d {ResultFilePath} -t {TestCaseName} *.robot

Below are the detailed versions that i have been using.
robotframework 3.2.1
robotframework-allurereport 1.1.1
robotframework-pabot 1.8.0

I am new to robot framework. Need your help. Let me know if i am doing something wrong or missed anything.

Thanks in advance

For the sake of clarification, please confirm that you did not used RIDE to run the pabot command. We need to be sure that the problem is not caused by RIDE. Likewise, we must rule out the use of the Allure listener.

On a personal note, whenever I see “I am new to robot framework” and complex problems, triggers this metaphor on my mind:
Hi, I am new to bicycle riding, how can I fly this Jet plane?

I havent used RIDE to run the pabot command.
So currently the framework structure has <Regression_Suite_Folder> --> contains 151 suite (.robot suite files), Each <.suite file> contains one test case
The tests were running in parallel as expected until i added another suite file to the suite folder.

Well, I can’t help much. First, I am not familiar with passing arguments like in -t {TestCaseName}. I also find strange that all your 151 test suites have the same TestCaseName.

About the missing XML file, we need to understand where that is coming from. Are you sure it was not caused by your new test suite? Does it run OK with robot?

When does the error happen? Does the error occur right at the beginning or in the end after all tests are completed?

Is maybe environment variable {ResultFilePath} empty?

By the way, you don’t need to pass -v ResultPath:{ResultFilePath} to robot or pabot. The folder is accessible in robot using built-in variable ${OUTPUT DIR}. See more variables at:

Issue has been fixed by adding all the robot command line arguments to argument file

Good to know @sdgit

It would be nice if you could help to improve this RIDE docs.